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What Propecia is

Propecia is a medicine intended for treating erectile dysfunction in male patients unable to perform sexually due to blood flow problems. These problems may be caused by physical or psychological conditions and many other factors which often do not depend on the patient’s age. Propecia is prescribed for treating male pattern hair loss, which is quite a common condition. It helps for receding hairline by preventing the conversion of testosterone into another hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, which stops hair loss or slows it down. My Canadian Pharmacy is the best one for you to be shopping for Propecia, because we give amazing deals on the medicine you need, any time you come by.

Safety precautions

You should always be taking Propecia as prescribed and avoid sharing it with other people. You should be careful and report to your doctor any medical issues you may have that are likely to interfere with the success of your Propecia treatment, such as abnormal liver enzyme tests, liver disease, urination problems, bladder muscle disorder, stricture of the urethra or prostate cancer. You should make sure a pregnant woman never touches Propecia tablets, because it can be very dangerous for an unborn baby when absorbed through the skin. Propecia is not known to interact with any other medications, which makes it a very safe and convenient treatment for patients on some other medications. You should not be using Propecia if you have a history of an allergic reaction to finasteride or dutasteride, because the same allergic reaction is likely to occur again.

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Important recommendations

You should remember that once you start using Propecia, you should carry on with the treatment for as long as you want to prevent hair loss. It may take you a few weeks to notice the results of Propecia treatment, although some patients may need up to 3 months for that. If you ever decide to stop Propecia treatment, you will lose all the hair you have re-grown over the period and will never be able to enjoy the same success again. You will need to keep taking Propecia at the same time every day, with a full glass of water. Try to avoid missing your doses for the treatment to be more efficient.

Order Propecia

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