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What Advair is

Advair is a combination prescription medicine that contains salmeterol and fluticasone. The former is a bronchodilator that relaxes the patient’s airways, that way improving the breathing. The latter is a steroid that stops inflammation by affecting the release of substances known to cause it. The effects of both active ingredients can prevent an asthma attack or make sure a case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease does not get worse. If you need high quality Advair to manage your problem successfully, you are welcome to shop with My Canadian Pharmacy right now. We are sure to offer most competitive prices in the industry, full guarantees of confidentiality and a lot more, of which you can make sure yourself by buying from us any moment convenient!

Safety precautions

You should not be using Advair if you are having an attack of asthma in progress, as it is not going to stop it. Advair should be used for preventing an attack of asthma and should not be expected to stop one in progress. You should always talk to your doctor about Advair treatment before starting to use it, making sure you report such medical issues present as high blood pressure, liver disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, tuberculosis, allergy to some food or drug, thyroid disorder, seizure disorder, diabetes, any infection in your body, weak immune system or glaucoma, because they may affect the way you will be taking your medicine. You should not be taking Advair before you have talked to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding: this medicine is FDA pregnancy category C.

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Important recommendations

You will need to take Advair exactly as prescribed, making sure you observe your doses carefully and avoid sharing this medicine with other people. When giving Advair to a child, you need to watch your child’s growth, because this drug can affect that aspect. If you have to be using Advair for a long time, you need to get plenty of vitamin D and calcium in your diet, which is something you can always discuss with your health care provider or dietician. Make sure you always have enough Advair to be able to continue the treatment even when you finish the canister. Avoid taking selegiline, phenelzine, beta-blockers, antibiotics, amitriptyline, rasagiline, ketoconazole, isocarboxazid or itraconazole along with Advair without talking to your doctor first.

Order Advair

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