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What Zithromax is

Zithromax is a prescription macrolide antibiotic used for a wide range of infections caused by bacteria. It’s most often used for treating sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, middle ear infection, ear infections, respiratory infections, as well as tonsillitis, pneumonia and strep throat. Zithromax works by killing the bacteria and weakening them, which makes it easier for your body to fight off the infection. It’s impossible to predict when you might need Zithromax, so why not buy it at My Canadian Pharmacy right now? We offer Zithromax with significant discounts, making sure you always have access to this efficient drug when you need it most, paying a fair price every time.

Safety precautions

You will not be able to take Zithromax if you have a history of liver problems or jaundice, especially of those were caused by taking antibiotics. You should not be taking Zithromax if you are allergic to it, because you are not going to benefit from the treatment anyway and will have to stop it once you have the same allergic reaction. Your doctor needs to know if you have kidney disease, heart rhythm disorder, a history of Long QT syndrome, liver disease or myasthenia gravis, as those may affect the dose of Zithromax you will be using. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should always report it to your doctor. Zithromax is safe for the health of an unborn baby, but there is not enough information on how it can affect your nursing infant.

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Important recommendations

Make sure you always take Zithromax as prescribed, with a full glass of water. The treatment should not be stopped even if you feel a lot better at some point. Taking the entire amount Zithromax prescribed is crucial for bacteria to be killed and for your immune system to regain control. You may also take Zithromax with some food if you like. You should not take Zithromax with cholesterol lowering medicine, cyclosporine, calcium channel blockers, phenytoin, diazepam, theophylline, ergot medicine, triazolam, warfarin, antacids, triazolam, carbamazepine, HIV medicines, other antibiotics or digoxin unless you have talked to your doctor about that.

Order Zithromax

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