Key Facts about Men’s Mental Health: How to Help Mental Health?

Men’s mental health plays a key role in their lives. Scores of books have been written on the mental state and how mental distress can affect lives. While men have usually been considered stoic, the prevalence of mental distress among men has not been noticed in the past. With society embracing the two genders at an equal foot, men are able to garner the same amount of interest among researchers when it comes to mental health. Where it was difficult for men to acknowledge their mental health issues, it has become easier now to talk about mental distress. The mental state of a man makes a big difference to this health, and it is of common knowledge that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. My Canadian Pharmacy has taken a closer look at the impact of the mental state on men’s health and some of the things that you must know.

Men’s Mental Health Facts

  1. Stress can be experienced psychologically as well as physically. The two are interrelated so if you are suffering from stress then it will automatically impact your immune system negatively. This will increase your risk to infection and you will take more time than usual to recover from any sickness. You may also buy antidepressants online at My Canadian Pharmacy (Prozac, Zoloft, Anafranil, Desyrel and others).
  2. Physical signs of stress can include high blood pressure, headaches, loss or gain in weight, indigestion and dizziness.
  3. Psychological signs include depression, withdrawal, anxiety, feelings of insecurity, changes in close relationships and irritability.
  4. While stress can be helpful at times when it is based on a short-term and creates the fight or flight response within the body. For example handling daily situations on the job where you have to take important decisions about a project or other employees.
  5. The mental state of a man’s mind affects his body in a negative way when the person is suffering from chronic stress. It creates a situation which seems inescapable like a bad relationship or a job where a man has to deal with unwanted pressure.
  6. Men affected by chronic stress start developing physical and psychological symptoms that have been mentioned above but may not be limited to just those symptoms. Often men address Canadian Mental Health Association where high quaified specialists help them solve all the problems related to men’s mental health.

Mental State on Men’s Health

How the parts of your body are affected?

  1. Central Nervous and Endocrine Systems  – Your central nervous system detects issues that are taking a toll on your mental state and alerts the rest of your body to act. At the same time, your adrenal glands release adrenaline and cortisol. When the problem goes away your central nervous system tells your body to go back to normal. When your central nervous system does not return to normal, it starts taking a toll on your body. This results in headaches, anxiety or insomnia;
  2. Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems – In a stressful situation you breathe quickly and your heart pumps blood very fast. Chronic stress makes your heart work hard for a long period of time. This increases your risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. The risk increases in men because in women, oestrogen protects them from stress related heart disease;
  3. Digestive System – Your liver produces extra blood sugar under mentally stressing situations to give your energy levels a boost. Your body absorbs the unused blood sugar and keeps the sugar levels balanced. At a time when men start suffering from chronic stress, the body is unable to absorb the excessive sugar and increases your risk of diabetes. Your digestive system also gets upset when you are in stress over a long period of time. Heartburn and acid refluxes are common among those who suffer from stress. Diarrhoea and constipation also affect those who are fighting stress;
  4. Sexuality and Reproductive System – Stress often reduces your drive for sex. Over a long period of time, men start seeing a drop in their testosterone levels which can easily reduce their sperm production and cause impotence;
  5. Muscular System – It is common for the muscles to tighten up when a person is stressed. When you suffer from a bad state of mind over a period of time then your muscles remain tensed for long and this will cause headaches, back and shoulder;
  6. Immune System – Men who are under chronic stress are more prone to viral diseases like flu and common cold. The immunity system goes down when a person is in stress and this delays the time it takes to recover from any illnesses or injuries.

How to improve mental health? My Canadian Pharmacy advises their customers to take help from their doctors if they are facing chronic stress. The use of medicines can help control stressful situations. Exercise and meditation is often found to be helpful as well. My Canadian Pharmacy also provides medicines for the many health issues that spring out of a bad mental health (Canadian antidepressants online). While it is important to deal with the cause of the stress, it is also important to keep your body healthy. You can achieve this by using the medicines that can alleviate the health issues.

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